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"So you love me huh, what took you so long to say it?"

"Well I couldn't believe it myself, it was hard for me to
accept it...but then that whole thing with Kaito really
showed me that I only love you.."

"I'm so happy you feel that way ____, because I love you
too. You really have no idea how long I have been
waiting for this moment to happen...I thought that maybe
you didn't feel the same way for me..and so I was really
sad but then when you finally come out and say it..I just
get so happy I cant control myself."

'I wanted to smile when he said all this to me, yet all
I felt were tears running down my face, it seems all I have
been doing this whole time is cry. I bet he thinks I'm a child,
but wait no...he just told me he loves me and things like that.
I can't get these ideas in my head, it will just make me sad
and ruin everything.'

He walked closer to me pulling me by my waist into a tight
hug, wrapping my arms around his neck I hugged him back just
as tightly. Relaxing a bit in the hug I took in his scent, he
smelled like bananas, it was so like him. Smiling I snuggled into
him until he let go holding my hands in his.

"We should probably get ready for the talent show, we have ALOT
of practicing to do you know."

"It shouldn't take that long, just teach me the words and stuff ^^ "

"Ehh, well there is more to learn besides the words you know that

"Really like what?"

"Well facial expressions, the tone of the song, dance steps, and
emotion for the song."

"Isn't emotion the same thing as tone?"

" it??"

"I don't know I'm asking you!!"

"YOU KNOW WHAT, lets just go ask Luka ^^'' "

"E-Eh uh ok then?"

We walked down to Luka's classroom, ironically it was the end
of the school day so no one was in there. Opening the door, we
saw Luka sitting in front of Gakupo who was blushing slightly
with a red kiss mark on his cheek. Len and I chuckled a bit
closing the door behind us taking a seat in front of them.
Feeling the urge to tease them since it was a awkward silent
moment I leaned on my hands with a smirk looking at them.

"So what are you two up to, anything interesting happened

Luka sighed a bit, walking over to her desk sitting in her chair.
Gakupo coughed fixing his tie on his shirt before standing beside

"____, before you think we did anything..I will say this..."

"Go on~~"

"It was all part of a bet, and I apparently as a reward
he gets a kiss on the cheek."

"Hmmm~~~ you sure it was a bet?"


"Well then ^^ moving on, me and Len are here for practice."

"Oh for the song right?!"


"Alright, so let's get started"

(I'm really lazy and I didn't feel like writing everything so here's
a small summary: Luka and Gakupo were teaching you and Len both of
your parts for the song, shortly at the end of learn just the lyrics
you applied what you both knew to the music which sounded FABU XD But
then you ran into a problem you had to put emotion into your dancing,
so it had to be kind sexual but at the same time not so it made it
difficult not to mention you had problems with your facial expressions,
so ill write from there~~~)

"NO NO NO ____, your face isn't sexy enough."


"Ugh, Len come here for a sec."

(Len's Pov)

I came over to Luka and ___, it seemed that ___ was having trouble
with expressions and emotions.

"Yeah Luka?"

"Make a spice face."


"Make a spice face."

"Luka I--"

"Just do it!!"

Blushing a bit I shook my head, feeling the mood a bit a smirk
appeared on my face, my eyes full of lust as I stared at ____.
Feeling a little embarrassed I didn't stop I continued to make
the face, ____ looked at me and looked away. It was so cute, she
couldn't even met my gaze, tilting her chin a bit to look at me
I came down and whispered into her ear.

(Reader's Pov)

'w-what is he doing?' he came down to my level pushing my hair
out the way before he began to speak in a deep hush voice.

"You seem a bit nervous, could it be you like this face..if so
I'll do it anytime for you~"

'kyaaaaaa what is he saying, this is totally not Len. Len is
usual sweet and innocent ^^ and his voice is usually high pitched!
Why does he sound and act this way, its so weird!!! Ok Ok calm down
___, its still Len and he's probably just kidding around with you..
right? ^^''

I looked at Luka with my face 4 shades of red, she smirked a bit
pushing Len away from me a little.

"Alright Len, that's enough I don't think she can handle anymore
of this right ____."


Len smirked a bit kissing my cheek.

"You'll need an adult by the time I'm done with you ____."

Shaking my head I covered my face trying not to scream, 'what
is it....why can't I keep my cool...maybe he's right...maybe
its just his face right!!!!'

"Keep it in your pants Len. you can have her after the talent show"

"I know I will.."

HE walked away chuckling a bit to himself, peaking out from my hands
I hugged Luka tightly tearing up a bit more.


"you liked it, don't complain ^^ "

"Wahhh Luka you are so mean!!"

"YES YES I know, but lets just get this over with so you two can
sing kay ^^ "

" T^T ok.."

That whole night, we stayed together practicing for the talent
show that couldn't come any sooner. A week Later, it was the
day of talent show, I was so nervous...but I know I cant let
all my hard work go to waste...not to mention spending all that
time with Len really made me to make it up to him...
I'll do my best with the Talent show will be great!!!!

(Time Skip: 6:00 pm Show time)

Wearing the yellow and black outfits that Luka and Rin made for us
I looked at myself in the mirror smiling a bit. It was so fun to be
able to dress like this, this must be how Rin and Len always feel
when they do a show. Although I could do without the skirt and short
shirt...hmm I wonder what Len looks like...

Looking over my shoulder I peaked at Len, his black shirt with a
loose yellow tie really looked...u-uhh n-nice I should say. But it
would look better if he had his hair out...and now that I think about
it..I have never seen Len with his hair out. Sneaking up behind him, I
pulled his hair-tie letting his long hair out. Blushing a bit I touched
it gently. He turned around to look at me with a small blush on his face,
laughing a bit he shook his head.

"What did you do that for?"

"I thought you would look nice with it out?"

"Oh really~~"

"Yes really.."

"Haha you're so weird ___."

"But you love me.."

"That I do ^^ "

"So, what do you say...are you ready?"

"Yeah..I about you?"

"I'm ready if you are!!"

"Lets head backstage then."

We walked backstage hiding behind the current on the side,
the auditorium was packed every seat was taken, and some
people were left standing. Finally the show started, all
the bright lights shined so beautifully on the performers.
Then finally it was our turn, I felt butterflies in my
stomach as soon as I heard my name. Len grabbed my hand
walking onto the stage with me smiling and waving at the crowd.

Waving a bit myself we prepared ourselves, soon the music began
to play, remembering all the things Luka taught me I changed my
expression to match Len's, and then it was time to sing.

~Like a flame that's burning so softly, deep within my gentle heart
Now our souls entwine passionately, didn't know this from the start
All the butterflies fly around us, dance around so gracefully
And the magic dust from its wings fall slowly to your hand
There's nothing that taste better than your sweet lips
we embrace in what's called a sinful kiss~

~If this is a sin, that can't be forgiven
Then all the more, our flames of passion soar
So hold me close inside your arms, and save me from the right and wrongs
And tell me that our love is not some kind of wrong doing
Kiss me on the lips, what could be more sweeter than this?
Intoxicated by love, and its drug, I wanna love you eternally~

~My desire for you, grows with each and every passing day
If you truly loved me you'll listen to what I have to say
If our love is too "strange" to handle, I will make it right for you
Push the boundaries of our love, and lose yourself in it
If we happen to completely lose our minds, I'd be fine with melting away with you
Why does it seem that there's no way in this world,
to make you mine until the end of time~

~Through all the times that we have had
No matter if it's good or bad
I hope you know, I'll always be right here, waiting for you
There's no turning back, the love we share is just a trap
But that is fine with me, just know this is true
I am deeply in love with you~

I get nervous with each day that passes by
And I cry, with you watching over me~

"It's going to be okay." Is what you said
Did I not see, the tears you shed for me?

~So hold me close inside your arms, and save me from the right and wrongs
And tell me that our love is not some kind of wrong doing
Kiss me on the lips, what could be more sweeter than this?
Intoxicated by love and its drug, I wanna love you~

Pull me close to you, just like a magnet would do
And even if someday we are torn apart, you'll be in my heart
Hold on to me tight, there's no denying this is right
But that is fine with me, just know this is true
I am deeply in love with you

Ah~ Ah~ Ah~

Finishing the song, I smiled brightly at Len, he hugged me tightly
waving at the screaming crowd, so much applause and screaming made
me a giggle a bit..I had no idea this is how everyone was effected
by our performance...but no matter the end...everyone
loved it...

And I ended up getting the person I love the most..I guess Im not
such an ordinary girl after all huh ^^

(The End)
This is the last chapter I think I will write for this, for 2-3 reasons. Number one, I really cant find any good ideas for it...Lol and I always get good ideas from pinkstar but unfortunately I don't live with her ^^;; so its difficult for me to write anything. Number two, since you already confessed your love for len it doesn't really make sense to continue unless I get really bored and write a bonus chapter of how things between you and len are going (which I don't think you want to read since it might be dirty) and Finally number three, I think you guys kinda get bored of reading this XD despite how many people view it ^^;; so I think I should stop here, besides since its the last chapter....I think ill make you guys sing and then that's its ^^;; SO yeah...this is the last one ^^ thanks for reading it (well most of you anyways >:3)

Btw the lyrics in here are not mine ^^;; so yeah...they belong to razzy just putting that out there~~~
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